While any member of the team will be happy to help with an Extensions Query, the administration of the process is currently overseen by Richard Purdom and Vicky Fryer

As of the 2021/2022 academic year, student extension requests are now being dealt with centrally, within the Student Advice Centre

Information for students on how to apply for an extension can be found here – ASK BAL – Extensions – Business and Law Students (dmu.ac.uk)

If students do contact you about an extension request we just ask that you refer them to the above link and ask them to complete a request form.

For the 22/23 academic year and approved extension request can give first year students up to an extra five working days to complete their work; second year, third year, and Masters student may receive up to an extra 10 working days.

We advise students that we will respond within 3-5 working says, however we will ordinarily provide an outcome to them much quicker than this.

Students will always receive their Extension request outcome via email, to their University email account.

Under DMU Regulations all students are required to submit evidence of extenuating circumstances with their extension request. Any requests submitted without evidence will be rejected.

A regularly updated list of all students who have been given an extension can be found here – INSERT LINK!!!!!!!

If you have an questions about the process, an extension outcome, or an extension request that you are expecting to be submitted please give us a call on 0116 257 7243, or contact us on balcer@dmu.ac.uk.