When will I recieve my invitation to face-to-face International Registration?

Before you recieve your invitation to International Registration, you need complete the ollowing

1. Complete the online portion of your registration
2. Pay the first installment of 50% of your fees

One you have done both of these things, and the payment has cleared into our bank account, you will recieve an invitation to online registration.

My International Registration appointment is today. Where do I need to go?

You will need to go to the Eric Wood Building, as outlined in your invitation.

If you are unsure where this is, you can find a campus map here – DMU campus map

When will I get my Student Card and my BRP card?

You will be able to get these once you have completed your face-to-face registration

When does Induction Week start?

Induction week starts on Monday 25th September 2023. You can find the Induction schedule here – ASK BAL – Induction Schedule – Business and Law Students (dmu.ac.uk)

When do classes start for my course?

Term officially starts on Monday 2nd October 2023. You will be able to see your own personal timetable on the MyDMU app

When will I recieve my timetable?

You should recieve your timetable approximately 3 working days after you complete your face-to-face registration appointment